Next’gen Voucher

Token value = 1,50 €

Preorder at 1,20 €

  1. have a Metamask wallet
  2. add the Polygon Matic network
  3. add the SBAR Token Contract
  4. send your Metamask address
  5. SelfBar sends your SBAR tokens to your wallet

From your purchase date, you have 15 calendar days to execute this procedure.
After this time, SelfBar will refund your purchase (excluding initial transaction fees) if it has not received your Metamask address with the configured SBAR token.

Special Promotion


SBAR Next’gen Voucher accessible on Talium at a preferential rate.

Condition : purchase from 5400€

SBAR Next’gen Vouchers: these are « next generation digital vouchers which gives you drink credits that can be used on the activated SelfBar tables. They will be exchangeable during 2022 for a minimum value of 1.5 Eur / SBar.