SBAR A true utility token based on a physical business model in an industry we all love.

“Hear ye, hear ye, all ye beer lovers, come listen to our wonderful christmas crypto fairy tale, in a world where people wildly use digital tokens … without even knowing it”.

Here is an unique tale that could only be given birth in Belgium, the country of beer. An all-tiny territory, lodged in the very heart of Europe with over 300 local breweries. The mother country of Stella, Duvel, Chimay, Chouffe, Rochefort and countless other cherished house names recalling laughter, and good time spent with family, and friends.

There, in the heart of Bruxelles, the capital city, was a visionaire, an inventor fascinated by nature, science, new technologies, cryptos and of course beers! He worked over 15 years on creating the most ingenious and remarquable beer table. A jewel of creativity and technology. A table that would forever change the economics of the beverage industry. This visionaire is called Vincent Callebaut and he created the ‘SelfBar’.

An extraordinary inventor

Vincent Callebaut thought of a business model, in sync with nature, where ecosystems thrive, everybody lives in harmony with each other, benefiting from each other. With the SelfBar everybody is a winner: The consumers enjoy a new way of helping themselves to enjoy beers; the bars/ restaurants /events/ stadiums receive the beer tables for free from SelfBar to be operated; the breweries/ distributors are being paid on time on a daily base if needed using the blockchain
technology; the holders of SBAR tokens see great returns as the world never stops drinking and the machines are used each day.

A genius creation that will sparkle a revolution

The SelfBar is a revolutionary drink dispenser machine, able to serve any drink (beer, wine, coffee,
juices, soda, water, or else), that is cash-less and 100% self-service.

To use it, consumers charge a credit on small RFID cards, and help themselves directly to their favorite drinks. As they pour drinks, a screen on the machine is letting them know how much credit they have left. It is like being at the gas station, they help themselves,glass by glass, when they want, as much as they want. The experience of serving your own beer like a pro, looking at the screen scrolling down is second to none.

Consumers can charge their card using cash directly at the point of sale or using a convenient payment app, on which they can also see on a map where all the SelfBar tables are in the world.

New Technologies all-over

Speaking of apps, the operators of the beer tables also have their own app in which they can see the level of beer left in the kegs, the temperature and beer pressure of the drinks with IoT sensors. The machine is using AI to differentiate the beer from the beer foam and charge the clients adequately for each.

The table operators can change the price of the drinks at any time they want and the SelfBar
tables operations are summed up at the end of each day in a log file, making accounting and
payments a breeze.

A next gen’ digital voucher to beer consumption :
the SBAR – A true utility token

The cherry on the cake is that the machine can be operated using either cash money or the
SBAR – a pure utility token – a next gen digital voucher for beers! The owner of SBAR « drink » tokens can use these on the SelfBar machines.

The value of SelfBar next gen’ voucher is set to 1.5 Eur per SBAR token.

The SBar operations are recorded on the Polygon blockchain with very low transaction fees.

At the time of publication, 5 million tokens have been mined and sold through a private ICO, organised by Talium Assets France.

Over time, more tokens will be issued, following a strict tokenomics agenda that you can find in the project white paper, in parallel with the increasing number of SelfBar machines deployed around the world. At most, there will be a maximum of 250 millions SBAR operating margin. So when using SelfBar machines, you are always doing a good deed.

Easy scalability of the business model

The SelfBar expansion model is extremely scalable. The machines are built by leading beer pump manufacturers around the world and are distributed via a newly established international franchise network relying on those same manufacturers to penetrate the markets.

Indeed, the SelfBar tables manufacturers have all the contacts in the bars and restaurant world, they know the breweries and the distributors. The key argument for them in convincing all actors to acquire SelfBar tables here is that the machines are paid for by SelfBar, preventing any capex
investment to be done on their side. This removes the main barrier to entry in the market.

A disrupter is born

The SelfBar table is disrupting the conservative drink industry like a storm. Requests for machines are pouring in from all over the world…. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Romania, Columbia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Ivory coast.

The machines are presented to the market via participation in fairs and a large European road show. Asian, African, American road-shows will follow in 2022. The first distribution franchises are being set up as we speak. The company is confident it will be able to deliver 15 000 machines by 2025. And this is only the beginning. Selfbar is less than a year old !

The whole world is drinking

SelfBar is wishing a Merry Christmas to all of you, drink responsively and offer SBAR
next gen drink tokens to your loved ones.

An original gift, sure to make everyone happy!

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